„Land Cruiser 5 Continent Drive” AR experience

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“Land Cruiser 5 continent drive” is an AR (Augmented Reality) experience for mobile devices in which a player has a unique opportunity to drive the most wanted Toyota model in 5 different environments and landscapes without the need to travel and with the ability to go to any place they want. The user places a 3D terrain in his house or outside using AR and then drives the car around it. 5 available maps include such biomes as hot desert, winter landscape, rocky islands, and exotic islands as well as a wild tundra. There are two driving modes to try out, a regular one and a turbo mode for those who love to drift.

The goal of the game is to collect all the Toyota logos on each map. Every time the player finishes a new map, they unlock the next one and get to learn about a car feature. The app also shows a graphic evolution of Land Cruiser as well as gives a sneak-peek into global sales, a link to the Toyota website, and a newsletter. It is a project made for Toyota Israel to promote the brand in times of COVID-19 and to give the users locked at homes a glimpse of an off-road adventure. From the customer perspective, it gives people a unique, fun experience in times of staying at home.

Available in two languages: English and Hebrew in Israel.

Check the article from Jerusalem Post

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