Coming Soon: The Ancients AR

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Ancients AR will be the first Ancients game in a whole series. The game is primarily aimed at mobile devices that are compatible with Apple’s ARKit and Android’s ARCore. The main goal was to combine unique capabilities of Augmented Reality with stunning art and graphics, exciting gameplay and a compelling storyline. It is one of the first real-time strategy games for ARKit. The player commands one of three Kingdoms located among a vast, merky ocean. The goal is to lead the fleet in a number of see battles, and bring the whole mission to victory. This will require a wise selection of ships and units as well as lots of tactical and leadership skills. Players will be able to use the power of the Ancients, and cast spells on the oponents army. Thanks to AR technology users can move the battlefield – a piece of the ocean – into their own desk or floor, and see the battle as if it was playing in front of their eyes. Coming to App Store in March 2018.

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