Immersion and Newseum bring the story of the Unabomber to life with VR app

Immerse yourself in the story of the longest and most expensive FBI investigation ever conducted. The Unabomber VR experience, telling the story of how the FBI tracked down and captured the man responsible for a string of deadly bombings over the course of two decades, will be available to visitors at the Newseum through the end of the year and will be distributed globally on HTC’s Viveport. The app gives users the ability to interact with the main pieces of evidence in the case, including exploring the primitive cabin where the Unabomber was captured. Terry Turchie, an FBI agent that participated in the Unabomber investigation narrates the story, which presents the user with important questions about the ethics of journalism and the issue of taking responsibility for publicized content that may impact people’s lives. The story also addresses some important issues that are particularly relevant today in relation to terrorism, security restrictions, and journalistic freedom.

The Unabomber is the first app in a series of educational VR and AR experiences inspired by the Washington, D.C.-based Newseum’s artifacts. The apps will enable users to step back in time to witness and interact with key historical events that shaped U.S. and world history.

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