Explore the brand-new Toyota Land Cruiser J300 capabilities in our latest AR app

Thanks to the wave of positive feedback, we had an opportunity to prepare a new edition of the “Land Cruiser 5 Continents” app. We made it specifically with the Arabic countries in mind and the long-awaited, highly coveted Land Cruiser J300 model, which premiered this June in Dubai.

The AR experience allows users to explore the capabilities and performance of the vehicle in extreme, uncomfortable driving conditions. To this end, we prepared five different environments to choose from, each with its unique circumstances and challenges, from icy plains to hot sands and hard-to-traverse muds.

Thanks to AR capabilities, users can place the game in the location of their choice. Whether it is a garage, a playground, or the comfort of their living rooms, it is ultimately up to them.

Our newest AR experience consists of two driving modes – normal and turbo, the latter dedicated to drifting enthusiasts. Moreover, the application allows learning about many technical details of selected car elements, such as the engine or the suspension. Inquiring users can also find interesting information on the global sales levels of the vehicle manufacturer.

“Land Cruiser 5 Continents” is available to download on mobile devices from regional stores of Google Play and Apple App Store.

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