Deck the halls with TrueScale this Christmas

Only grinches hate Christmas, but even the merriest of celebrants should admit that it can add needlessly to stress. Between gift buying, food preparation and social engagements, we still need to find time to transform our homes into a cosy winter hearth. But who honestly has the time nowadays to repeatedly move around the furniture and get the space just right? While technology cannot make Christmas entirely easy, tools like TrueScale certainly help lighten the load somewhat.

For the majority of time Christmas is a happy period, but there are undoubtedly a few moments that can shake even the cheeriest of folk. Organising the house for dinners, parties and, of course, Christmas morning itself, can be daunting. How ARE you going to fit a family of 20 people in a living room that should only hold half that number? Will the decorations work together when they’re up on the walls? And where exactly are you putting the Christmas tree? All valid questions that are difficult to answer until you’ve had the experience, and by then it’s often too late! No one wants to shuffle furniture in between family during Christmas dinner, and constantly fiddling with the décor can wear down a house as much as its inhabitants. The only way that the constant experimentation with space is possible at such a busy time is if each alteration is almost effortless, and that’s exactly what our team wanted to achieve with the new Christmas pack for TrueScale. Having the ability to experiment with interior design in a virtual space first, means users can create and change room layouts, from the comfort of their couch, so that when the time comes to actually move everything in real life, the plan is set and you know what you’re doing.

With Truescale, creating a scaled copy of your living room is easy, and by filling your virtual space with Wayfair’s catalogue, you can easily create a virtual layout that, if not identical, mimics the set up you have at home. Then it’s just a question of picking up the items in the virtual space and moving them around, no help required regardless of their real world weight. The same can be done with the decorations. Anyone who has experience with design will tell you that deciding on décor is a time consuming task, especially during festive periods such as  Christmas or Halloween. Some perfer metres of fairy lights and candles, while others prefer festive wreaths and mistletoe. However, clever interior design requires equilibrium and unless you have a plan in mind, the décor can become unbalanced and out of step with the permanent furnishings in the home. TrueScale allows you to plan ahead in this sense, even before you purchase the decorations, so that when you need to bring your design vision to life, the nails need only go in the wall once.

Making the most of Christmas is about maximising your time on the important things, like family and food. Moving the couch can add new life to a room, but make sure you only do it once!

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